How atmosphere on your set affects production: Part 1 -Schedules

The attitude and atmosphere on a set can really make or break your day.

If you have ever been on “one of those shoots” where shots are running long, tempers are running short, fuses are lit and people have mentally checked out, then you know what i am talking about. Over the next month I will delve into some areas that can

Shoot Schedule

The shoot schedule is usually the first thing that can destroy morale on a set, and it is kind of the first domino to fall. If you have a great Line Manager, Unit Production Manager, Production Manager, or Director can help with keeping(ok, maybe the director isn’t a good person to keep us on schedule)you on schedule. These folks job is to keep your production moving at a decent pace and letting all the key players know how much time they can take to get that next shot, set that light, rehearse that line, etc… If you have a person keeping you on schedule, you can avoid this pitfall.

Usually once this problem arises on set, it starts a cascade of other problems and general grumpiness. Sometimes this can’t be avoided, any number of issues can cause your schedule to drift, the key thing is to make sure morale stays good on set. Give people breaks, lighten the air, breathe, don’t stress out. When you start losing peoople to the stress of a schedule going long, it will make the problem worse.

Here is a great article about Quentin Tarantino’s thoughts on set attitude make his productions a success.

How Quentin Tarantino’s “Spirit On Set” Breeds Success

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